“With PlantStar’s multiple system-wide area network software capability, I can sit at my desk and see exactly what is happening at any machine, in any plant, at any time.”

-Dale Evans, President
EVCO Plastics

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“The system gives us a wealth of information. We have so much confidence in that information that we routinely run “lights out” on nights, weekends and holidays. We just let the system watch the presses and review the process logs later.”

— Jim McVay, Vice-President and General Manager
Bamar Plastics

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“Until we got the PlantStar system in 2007, all we could do was print out the raw process data from the injection molding machine controls. If we wanted to identify the cause of a problem, we had to manually sift through pages and pages of information. It was very time-consuming and really not very helpful. Today, the PlantStar system draws that information together continuously, and makes it available immediately to anyone who might need it.”

— Tom Jones, IT Director
Huf NA

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“The availability and use of real-time data is now a driving force for profitability in our manufacturing operations. We’ve realized that the PlantStar system has earned a place on our shop floor with improvement in both productivity and quality control.”

— Vice President Technology
Contract Injection Molding

“We’ve reduced our internal and external corrective action reports by 92.8% by using PlantStar. Major gains in the first-time quality improvements and customer satisfaction, too. An initial savings of $400,000 was realized in the first five months of implementation.”

— Corporate Vice President
Tier II Automotive Supplier

“With the ability to deeply analyze and fully understand our molding costs and production performance, we are highly confident when approaching new customers and even whole new markets. We can show in great detail what it takes to bring a new product to market. New customers gain confidence in us immediately when they see real-world data to support our pricing and recommended launch strategy. The ability to diversify and expand our client base is a tremendous asset.”

– Tom Haydon, Engineering Manager
McPherson Plastics

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