Portrait® offers the added features of process monitoring and evaluation to its comprehensive manufacturing planning and scheduling tools. Portrait® provides the capability of monitoring discrete sensor input as well as PLC or OPC to record, evaluate and display key process data for each piece of equipment monitored by the system. The data gathered by the system can be used to feed PlantStar’s SPC/SQC subsystem and provide high-speed process profiling that can generate alarm conditions via voice paging, emails and other real-time visual and audible alarms.

The Portrait® system is limited only by the number of process conditions that can be captured from each individual machine monitored by the system.

Portrait® Features

  • Production Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring Expansion
  • Process from OPC, PLC Interfaces or Analog Sensors
  • Up to 20 Process Variables per Machine
  • Process Graphs and SPC Charts
  • Four Profiles per Machine
  • Up/Downtime
  • Scrap Entry and Assist Calls
  • Browser-Based Operator Interface
  • Gantt Chart Job Schedule Board with Tool Conflict Alert
  • Tool Change Schedule
  • Material Usage/Forecasting
  • Up to 70 Machines
  • Up to 12 Concurrent Users
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Dashboard
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Touch Screen Interface Available
  • Custom Browser Interface Screens Available


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