If a plastics or rubber processor is able to control their machinery, material and personnel costs, they are typically making a profit. But regardless of whether they are injection molders, blow molders, thermoformers or rubber molding companies, they still have to worry about product quality and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in their efforts to maximize profits.

Most of them are selling time—a per hour rate to manufacture the product for their customer. Every leakage of time is a leakage of profit.

Technology to Build the Bottom Line

For more than 20 years, plastics and rubber processors have used PlantStar to control their production operations, optimize their machinery and maximize their profits. Some have been able to eliminate overtime. Others delay the purchase of new equipment and some have justified purchase of new machinery.

PlantStar helps these custom molders by providing:

  • Forward/Backward dynamic job and work order scheduling
  • Tool Change and material change scheduling
  • Multi-material usage and forecasting
  • Material lot tracking
  • Manual and automatic scrap entry
  • Downtime alarms
  • Assist calls
  • OEE dashboard calculations
  • Family Tool Tracking
  • Labor Tracking and Forecasting
  • MRP/ERP integration
  • Process variable monitoring and alarming
  • Audible/text/email messaging for shop floor alerts
  • Visual displays
  • Easy-to-use operator touch screen
  • Display of setup instructions, part images, quality instructions, packing instructions and more
  • Real-time bar code labels
  • Central systems monitoring

Plastics and Rubber Installations by PlantStar

Asahi Glass Corp.
Bamar Plastics
Clack Corp.
Dexas International
Mine Safety
Morgan Industries
Jones Plastics
Sajar Plastics