Panorama® takes the advanced capabilities of the Portrait® system to another level. This system was designed to fulfill the requirements of complete production planning and scheduling and process monitoring for those manufacturers that require added capability of monitoring up to 32 parameters per machine.

This expanded process monitoring capability is complimented by the added features of full process and product traceability and assisting with compliance for the FDA Specification 21 CFR Part 11. Panorama® extends the comprehensive features of Portrait® to ensure the complete fulfillment of our users’ needs.

Panorama® Features

  • Production Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring Expansion
  • Process from OPC, PLC Interfaces or Analog Sensors
  • Up to 50 Process Variables per Machine
  • Process Graphs and SPC Charts
  • Four Profiles per Machine
  • Up/Downtime
  • Scrap Entry and Assist Calls
  • Browser-Based Operator Interface
  • Gantt Chart Job Schedule Board with Tool Conflict Alert
  • Tool Change Schedule
  • Material Usage/Forecasting
  • Unlimited Number of Machines
  • Unlimited Concurrent Users Available
  • Production Efficiency
  • Machine Utilization
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Dashboard
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Touch Screen Interface Available
  • Custom Browser Interface Screens Available


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