The packaging industry is a rapidly evolving industry due to the continual development of new products. Often the new products are high-volume and low-margin items and the manufacturer needs to get them made and shipped as quickly as possible. The packaging operations can be downstream from the primary manufacturing cell and are equally important to achieving final production goals.

Flexible MES for Rapidly Evolving Industries

A packaging products manufacturer can’t afford long machinery downtimes. They are subject to seasonal peaks or peaks created by sales promotions from the final customer. In addition, sales departments are pressured to keep the machines full of orders so the plant runs near capacity. PlantStar provides these tools to track/eliminate major reasons of downtime and scrap, and manage high-volume scheduling demands:

  • Forward/Backward dynamic job and work order scheduling
  • Tool Change and material change scheduling
  • Manual and automatic scrap entry
  • Linking/monitoring related operations
  • Process Variable Monitoring
  • Downtime alarms
  • OEE dashboard calculations
  • Labor Tracking and Forecasting
  • MRP/ERP integration
  • Audible/text/email messaging for shop floor alerts
  • Visual displays
  • Easy-to-use operator touch screen
  • Display of setup instructions, part images, quality instructions, packing instructions and more
  • Real-time bar code labels

Packaging Installations by PlantStar

Ball Plastics
Clack Corp.
IPL Container
Rainin Inc.
Shaefer International
Solo Cup
Woodstream Corp.