Metal Stamping and Forming includes a vast array of production operations on a factory floor. They may be stamping, extrusion, punch press or roll forming. They may be deep draw, high speed or multi-slide and turret operations. These create unique challenges for real time MES suppliers.

The flexibility of the PlantStar hardware and software provides a pathway to get data from all of these operations. Most other suppliers would require additional PLCs and extensive programming time and charges to accomplish what a PlantStar system provides as built-in standard features.


Metal forming operations have a multitude of challenges due to the diversity of machinery, cycle times, material supply and individual operations costing. PlantStar gives managers the data needed to oversee the variety of operations and keep good control on production flow, scheduling, OEE and costing by:

  • Forward/Backward dynamic job and work order scheduling
  • Tool Change and material change scheduling
  • Manual and automatic scrap entry
  • Downtime alarms
  • High speed and multi-position operation tracking
  • OEE dashboard calculations
  • Labor Tracking and Forecasting
  • MRP/ERP integration
  • Audible/text/email messaging for shop floor alerts
  • Visual displays
  • Easy-to-use operator touch screen
  • Display of setup instructions, part images, quality instructions, packing instructions and more
  • Real-time bar code labels