Being an OEM supplier in today’s market requires vigilance to maintain brand image in the marketplace. OEM suppliers play a big role in that effort and must always stress continuous improvement, rigid standards for product quality and unending efforts to reduce operational costs to offset price pushbacks from the OEM. Suppliers need real-time data as part of their Lean Manufacturing and Operations Excellence programs.

Suppliers are also stressed to match their delivery schedules with OEM assembly lines. Satisfying that demand requires a constant flow of data to the factory floor as well as back to MRP/ERP and managers so they can make real-time operational decisions and stay focused on product delivery and quality.

Real-Time MES by PlantStar Keeps Production Flowing

A supplier cannot afford to slow down an OEM’s assembly plant due to problems on their own factory floor. PlantStar provides managers the tools needed to maintain proper product flow to meet their customers’ delivery and quality requirements while controlling operational efficiency and costs. PlantStar provides:

  • Forward/Backward dynamic job and work order scheduling
  • Tool Change and material change scheduling
  • Manual and automatic scrap entry
  • Downtime alarms
  • OEE dashboard calculations
  • Family Tool Tracking
  • Labor Tracking and Forecasting
  • MRP/ERP integration
  • Assembly monitoring
  • Process variable monitoring and alarming
  • Audible/text/email messaging for shop floor alerts
  • Visual displays
  • Easy-to-use operator touch screen
  • Display of setup instructions, part images, quality instructions, packing instructions and more
  • Real-time bar code labels
  • Central systems monitoring

Home Product OEM and Supplier Installations by PlantStar

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