SYSCON-PlantStar Adds Interface Communication Protocol for Gammaflux Product Line

South Bend, Indiana – February 3, 2015 – SYSCON-PlantStar has added another interface communication protocol to its extensive library of machinery interfaces—this time for Gammaflux temperature controllers. “A customer that manufactures medical devices requested that we interface with Gammaflux because they needed more process documentation to meet FDA requirements,” said Gary Benedix, Vice President of SYSCON-PlantStar. “The customer, like many others, moves their Gammaflux units, following the mold from machine to machine. The Gammaflux protocol was so complete that we were able to develop a methodology to recognize the hot runner controller located at the press and do a plug-and-play setup so the job technician doesn’t have to reprogram the PlantStar system with each job change,” he added.

The Gammaflux interface is a logical extension of PlantStar’s ability to deliver the best process control solutions for the plastics injection molding industry. Both companies are advocates of “lights-out molding.” The profitable practice of unattended molding is becoming increasingly attainable for companies that properly manage their operations by setting control limits on all of their key process parameters. While Gammaflux products include numerous safety features to detect and prevent trouble from occurring in the hot runner system and injection mold, the company also outlines a three-step plan for customers that want to run lights-out operations. The PlantStar system provides a wealth of information and quickly reveals any straying processes, providing the confidence needed to implement a lights-out program. In fact, Bamar Plastics, a PlantStar Panorama customer, has been successfully running “lights out” on nights, weekends and holidays since 1997.

“The lights-out machine interlock we recommend prevents damage to the hot runner manifold, machine, valve gates and material, but it is localized to the machine. Linking to PlantStar provides a real-time alert to any incident and traceable documentation for the most critical processes. Deploying interlocks and machine monitoring can increase uptime, boost profitability and provide a feedback loop for process improvement,” said Mike Brostedt, Director of Market Development for Gammaflux. “Globalization demands the most efficient use of technology to remain competitive.”

The interface can be used with PlantStar’s Portrait and Panorama plant data acquisition systems and PlantStar customers in other industries will benefit from this new relationship.