A microprocessor-based Data Collection Module (DCM) gathers, displays and allows for the entry of key plant floor data at the
machine site. A DCM is the gateway to the production for your system network. The units provide the basic functions of part counts,
machine runs or downtime by interfacing to a digital signal from the machine representing cycle start. In addition, a DCM is capable
of gathering information from a combination of sources, including direct connection to analog and digital sensors or interface to a
machine’s controller.

PlantStar has expanded its ability to directly interface to machine controllers with the introduction of PLC/OPC line of client/server
products. PlantStar has partnered with the OPC technology leader Kepware Technologies to deliver a standardized data map solution
for every supported machine/control. OPC-IM eliminates specialized programs and drivers, resulting in cost savings and rapid
implementation of a DCM/Machine interface protocol.

A DCM can be configured to support one machine, thereby providing the maximum data capture from a single machine. However,
in those situations where it’s desirable to have multiple machines supported and monitored by a single DCM, the units can be configured
to support any combination of machines up to 16 per DCM. By expanding the monitoring capability of a DCM in increments of
four, the user gains the maximum system coverage while minimizing the cost per machine.