Very few factories have only one type of operation on the production floor. And not many are static.  Management faces a challenge of gathering data from a variety of primary and secondary production machines. They may include molding, assembly, printing, stamping and more. They may want supporting auxiliary equipment monitored and associated alarming done to alert Supervisors of problems or potential problems that cause shop floor interruptions.

PlantStar engineers have tackled many of these challenges for plastics and metal forming operations.  They take advantage of the flexibility of the processing power of the Data Collection Modules to customize software modules to satisfy customer needs.  They also design and generate custom reporting tools for customers.

Proprietary interfaces and OPC interfaces are designed and supported to gather data. Meeting the needs of the expanding Industrial Internet to make data available on mobile devices and in browser formats is a welcome challenge. Integration with ERP/MRP systems and Middleware software packages is becoming an everyday occurrence. Developing an application from scratch is not an overwhelming challenge for PlantStar engineers.

Recent Custom Engineering Projects

  • Poke Yoke tooling application for an automotive injection molder
  • New machine PLC interfaces
  • Integration with High Jump Middleware to SAP software at a metal fabricator
  • New software for high-speed cap lining machinery
  • Monitoring a packaging bundler robot using OPC
  • Linking injection molding, hot runner and dryer systems in one cell
  • Monitoring a wire shelf welding operation with KanBan scheduling
  • Manual assembly tracking for an automotive cable manufacturer
  • Remote hosting of multiple plants
  • Resin consumption monitoring
  • I/O alarming and machine lock
  • Imbedded Data Collection for an injection molding machinery manufacturer
  • Wide Screen Displays
  • LED Sign Board messaging
  • Robot integration for scrap counts and reason assignment
  • High-speed paper printing and paper plate stamping
  • High-speed paper cup forming and link to downstream packaging machinery
  • Set Point Download into machine PLCs
  • Integration with 3rd party Bar Code Software
  • ERP/MRP Integration