SYSCON-PlantStar, a division of SYSCON International, Inc., was established in 1976 to provide real-time plant floor data acquisition solutions to the plastics molding industry. PlantStar now has installations in plastics, metal stamping, die casting, packaging, assembly and other related industries including:

  • home appliances
  • contract medical devices
  • single-use food and beverage products
  • personal hygiene products including safety razors
  • automotive suppliers
  • industrial plastic blow-molded products
  • world’s leading manufacturer of safety products
  • plastic bottles for pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • and many more

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Flexible and Reliable Hardware

SYSCON-PlantStar’s Data Collection Modules (DCMs) show the complete picture of your manufacturing processes. The DCM’s web-enabled, industrial-grade touch screens have flexible configurations and Pentium-class microprocessors provide rapid data processing and communication. DCM units also provide extended shop floor redundancy and data protection in case of power or network failure.

We Will Stay with You While You Grow

Our progressive suite of products will continue to meet your needs as your company expands and each product can be customized to address unique applications.

Our Research and Development are Second to None

This is where PlantStar really shines. Our research and development team never stops—we take advantage of every innovation that
will help our clients make products better, faster, and more profitably. Many of these innovations come from listening to our clients when they want to expand their SYSCON-PlantStar products to meet the growing demands of their market.

Superior Engineering Support

PlantStar’s application engineers have the experience and resources to analyze and design a solution that fits your particular needs. After the installation, as easy-to-use as our products are, questions will come up. PlantStar’s application engineers will keep your system running smoothly. We can work online via virtual private network, modem, and web connections to analyze your installation immediately. On-site assistance is available, too.

Our Solutions Pay for Themselves Faster

In addition to the initial cost of the system, many factors determine the rate of return on investment. Our accurate analysis of needs and processes, seamless installation, operator training, and product’s ease-of-use quickly turn your installation into an asset.