Mid-Level Product

This mid-entry level solution provides highly adaptable real-time production scheduling and monitoring solutions.

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Performance Product

For manufacturers that need high performance production and process monitoring without a large system implementation expense.

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Performance Plus Product

The ideal solution for manufacturers that require high performance plus a production and process monitoring product that provides traceability functions with optional multi-operational processing and data collection.

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PlantStar has a MES for your entire operation—in every plant, in every country

PlantStar's MES programs deliver these solutions:

  • Plant Performance - Proactive quality management and improved equipment and plant performance begin with accurate real-time information from real-time scheduling, OEE reporting, up-to-the minute production reporting and alarming to potential production problems.
  • Scalability - Our progressive suite of products fit any budget and will meet your needs as your company grows.
  • Process Efficiencies - We’ll help you achieve defect prevention, not defect detection. We accomplish this by tracking, recording and analyzing critical variables in real time.
  • Communication - Our solutions provide setup, quality, maintenance and operational documents where the operator needs them - on the machine.
  • Productivity - Lean manufacturing requires reducing lead time, decreasing scrap, eliminating downtime and maintaining accurate inventories while developing better margins, and creating greater value for your customers and a greater competitive advantage for your company.
  • Employee Empowerment - Real-time machine data and tools like the Job Scheduler enable employees to proactively manage the production process. PlantStar’s Data Collection Modules (DCMs) are user friendly and our widescreen display monitors show the condition of every machine